Welcome, and thank you for your interest in an internship with Reba Place Fellowship (RPF). Internships last one year, and applications are accepted throughout the year, with positions filled as qualified candidates are available. Interns live and work in the setting of Christian intentional community at RPF, working in an RPF-owned business or otherwise assisting RPF members and living in an RPF household. In addition to work and housing, interns relate to RPF as practicing members: attending meetings and other community activities and participating in a small group.
To find out more about if you may be a good fit for an Internship at RPF, please read the available job descriptions below and fill out the Application.  Questions may be addressed to David Hovde –


Intern position job descriptions


1. Senior and Family Care Intern –

The Senior Care portion of this position requires an ability to befriend older adults, listen attentively to their concerns, and to:

  • Assist older adults with morning and evening routines (working a split shift as needed)
  • Help seniors with the use of walkers, wheelchairs, lifts as needed
  • Assist with housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation
  • Run errands, provide transportation to medical/dental appointments and social gatherings
  • Help older adults use modern technology (e.g., cell phones and computers)
  • Communicate as needed to family, physicians

The Family Care portion of this position requires an ability to connect creatively with young children, to work in close cooperation with parents, and to:

  • Engage with 1-4 children of varying ages for several hours
  • Lift and carry young children, use strollers and car-seats
  • Transport children to activities (valid driver’s license required)
  • Help school-age children with homework
  • Assist with housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation
  • Support the family structure and boundaries established by parents
  • Communicate concerns to parents in a timely manner

Hours per week: 32-40 (split shifts as needed). Valid driver’s license required.

Senior Care Intern Supervisor: Barb Grimsley, R.N.
Family Intern Supervisor: Stephanie Vaughan, RPF Leadership Team member


2. Digital Marketing Support Intern

This position requires excellent writing skills and experience working with websites and graphic design programs. Highly qualified candidates will also have experience in digital marketing (SEO, PPC, social). Intern will be expected to:

  • Help store manager plan digital marketing strategies for Plain and Simple and Friends of the Family Homecare
  • Take primary responsibility for executing planned strategies
  • Add or change products on the website
  • Create or edit website pages
  • Write blog entries
  • Write email marketing messages
  • Manage PPC (google adwords) account
  • Add content to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Hours per week: 32-40
Supervisor: Adam Vaughan, Plain & Simple store manager


3. Housing Maintenance Intern

This position requires a good work ethic and cooperative spirit, as well as some experience with painting and repair work. Intern will be expected to:

  • Prepare exterior surfaces for painting by power-washing and/or scraping
  • Paint front porches, outdoor stairs, building and garage exteriors
  • Landscape (in consultation with tenants and households)
  • Clean and repair gutters and downspouts
  • Assist with interior painting and other indoor projects during cold weather

Hours per week: 32-40 hours
Supervisor: Nevin Belser, Reba Housing Manager


Don’t forget to download the Application if you’re interested!


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